Monday, July 27, 2015

COME!! See for Yourself!!

July 27, 2015

So probably my favorite part of this week: we went to get pizza because we had about 20 minutes to eat dinner quick- and so we get out of the car and the car next to us is full of teenage boys. They were smoking and whatnot and they see us get out and start yelling things-that-shall-not-be-repeated-in-this-email at us. But we get that a lot, so I just ignored it. We walk in, get a pizza, and walk back out. They start making rude comments again and then- to our dismay- feel something running down the back of our legs. And it wasn't raining. We were spit upon!! 😦 We got back in the car and I turned to Hermana Clark and say "THAT was awesome!!!" She just looks back at me like I'm crazy. So I had to find my favorite scripture for her: Acts 5:41: "And they departed from the presence of the council [or a car-full of teenage boys], rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for his name." All those little moments just help me to understand a little more clearly how our Saviour Jesus Christ must have felt as he was mocked, hit, spit upon, and suffered all manner of afflictions. Jesus Christ was accepted and loved by relatively few- hated by many- but that didn't detract from His divine role as the Son of God. Nor does the slamming of doors in our faces or people that yell and spit on us detract from the fact that we are representatives of Jesus Christ, called to preach His gospel to the world!
The other best part of the week was Sunday night. Every month, our mission president has something called "Come, See for Yourself." And it's something that we invite investigators to, and people can bring friends to just to get a feel for the Church. It's an hour long and they show a few video clips, they have special musical numbers (emphasis on the special!) and testimonies from a few people from the mission that have gotten baptized recently. So this month, we got a call from the APs and they asked us if Carolina would share her testimony at it!! She of course said yes, and so we went with her last night and she about passed out when she saw how many people there were! whoops! haha. But she bravely went up there and shared a beautiful testimony!! She was glowing. She said "I finally found what I have been looking for for so long. I'm now in the Lord's hands. I'm His." It was a powerful moment and she truly is becoming an instrument in God's hands to do such amazing things! We were soo proud of her and her testimony was what really brought the Spirit to the room. On the drive home, we all felt sooo peaceful. It was nice.
Especially because during church, we had an AWESOME investigator, and her 6-yr-old daughter come to church for the first time. They came with Carolina and her 7-yr old daughter. And oh my goodness. I never realized what mothers go through at church until yesterday. I was in charge of entertaining the ninas so that their moms could focus and get the most out of church. Which turned into- the peace I usually feel during the sacrament, and the things I learn from the talks- yeah, none of that yesterday. They were crawling all over the place, talking, and getting cracker crumbs everyone! And me trying desperately to rein in all the madness. We played tick-tack-toe (that last all of about 5 minutes ha), we drew minions. I just came to a new appreciation for all the moms out there who bring their kids to church! Kudos to you!  Wowzers.
Anyways...I hope you all can feel that peace that fills our hearts and souls on a regular basis! Seek for the peace the gospel brings and put yourself in the places that you will be most likely to feel it!
-Hermana Webb

The harvest of our garden!!


The munchkins!! So adorable!!

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