Monday, September 28, 2015

"What I Need Are Disciples - And I Need Them Forever"

September 28, 2015

Where to begin?!

This week was so full of miracles and we are starting to get super busy again! We are over 5 companionships this transfer as Sister Training Leaders, so it's going to be a crazy transfer!

So the highlight of the week was Sunday! The 10 and 11-yr old girls- Daisy and Naeda- came to church with their whole family and it was actually the primary program so they got to be up on the stand participating, and they were so excited!!!! We're almost through the lessons with them and they are getting excited for their baptism on October 10th!

We also started teaching the daughter of the recent convert who lost her sight recently. She's 9 and is so cute! Oh my gosh, she went around all week telling her mom and dad (who is not a member and not interested in changing that) "I'm going to be part of something very important on Sunday and I need you both to be there!" She had practiced for the primary program once, and she got there on Sunday and sang every single word of the songs and bore her little testimony! Her mom started crying during the first song, and pretty much continued to do so throughout the entire hour-long program! Such a proud mom moment for her. It was precious. Little kids are pure vehicles for the Spirit to touch peoples hearts! We love of all of our little investigator girls! (:

Javier wasn't able to come to church- but he did come to the Come, See for Yourself fireside with us last night in Marysville. He loved it! And I got to see some of my very favorite people from Marysville that I haven't seen for so long! It was a fun little reunion! :)

Also, remember Lyli and Elvin? The coolest Guatemalans ever? They are meeting with the branch president in Lynnwood to get sealed in the temple soon!! I was soo excited when I heard the news! The cutest little eternal family you ever did see 😄

And Avelino- remember him? From Marysville? Just got the Melchizedek priesthood after his 1-year mark as a member of the church!

So lots of progress and good things are happening in all parts of the mission!

I've never been so happy in my life as I am now! Like ever. I feel like just as you really learn to love your mission and are getting the hang of it is when it starts to wind down to the end. But these are eternal principles- I can always serve others and trust in the Lord to guide me. And I can always be a disciple of Jesus Christ! We must never stop growing, learning, changing, and praying. As a beloved Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ puts it while speaking to his apostle, Peter, after finding him back fishing instead of out preaching the gospel:

“Then Peter, why are you here? Why are we back on this same shore, by these same nets, having thissame conversation? Wasn’t it obvious then and isn’t it obvious now that if want fish, can get fish?What need, Peter, are disciples—and need them forever. need someone to feed my sheep and savemy lambs. need someone to preach my gospel and defend my faith. need someone who loves me,truly, truly loves me, and loves what our Father in Heaven has commissioned me to do."

(I would strongly encourage y'all to read the rest of this talk: The first and great commandment by Elder Holland. Yep, actually, I'm assigning that as your homework this week! :) It's amazing!!)

-Hermana Webb

Reunited with Esperanza!

Showing off our matching CTR rings!

With some of my favorite members before the women's session

Our Taco Truck!
Eating at the Taco Truck!!
A yummy tostada!

Monday, September 21, 2015

God Hears Your Prayers!!

September 21, 2015

This week was amazing! We hit standards (after many prayers for many weeks!!)
So the 10 and 11-yr-old are doing amazing!! We taught them about the Plan of Salvation. We taught about the pre-earth life saying "We lived with Heavenly Father for a really long time before we even came here. You are literally His daughters and He knows you and loves you so much." They both just sat there, amazed. They had never known where they came from. Daisy said "That is so amazing," in such a reverent voice. It really is special to teach and see missing pieces filled in in others lives. Their whole family came to church on Sunday and it was actually practice  for the Primary Program next week, so they are so excited to be up there and singing! Ha. Can't wait!
As far as food goes, my Hispanic variety has expanded! We were walking to visit a potential, and saw a lady outside cooking. So we walk over to talk to her and it turns out she's from El Salvador, and was making pupusas!!! These things are legend! We just sat there watching her, mesmerized by her skills. She was cooking like 15 at a time on this big grill. It is actually like super hard to hand-make tortillas. She let us have one as we taught her the Book of Mormon. SO YUMMY. Oh my,  I want to visit El Salvador. The Hispanic culture is fascinating- and don't be freaked out when I try to kiss everyone on the cheek when I get back- it's going to take a while to break that tradition. Haha.
Oh, and, guess who else came to church! Javier! I don't know if I already told you about him, but he is the best friend of Hugo, who just got baptized a few months ago.We taught him for a while, but he never came to church, so we stopped teaching him. Then, yesterday, we walk into sacrament meeting and there he was! Sitting next to Hugo, a big smile on his face. I couldn't believe my eyes, and I just stared at him for a few minutes with my mouth hanging open. Ha. Anyway, he seemed to really like it and he got to watch his friend pass the sacrament. He was very reverent and seemed to feel the power of the ordinance during the sacrament. Super cool surprise!!
And the best news of all!!!!! Carolina! I found out yesterday that Carolina is doing great! She got to her new house, settled in, and her new neighbors came over. Turns out they are members! (NOT a coincidence) and that they invited her to church and she's like "I'm already baptized!" haha. So she went to her new ward and LOVED IT! She is already best friends with her new bishop and they are getting ready to take her to the temple. And she has a new boyfriend who was pretty skeptical about the church, especially about Joseph Smith. So she made him go to church with her and she said:
 "Ok. How many times did you hear the name Joseph Smith in church today? 
Him: Zero
Carolina: "Exactly. We believe in and worship Jesus Christ. And I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God."
Goooo Carolina! Best member missionary ever! :D
This whole time I have been pleading in prayer that Heavenly Father would help her and He has answered my prayers!
Miracles happen, people!
Prayers are answered!
People are changed!
-Hna Webb

Surprise pizza delivery from my mom!!

Curled my hair for the first time in months!!

Monday, September 14, 2015

The Real Teacher

September 14, 2015

This week was GREAT! Let me tell you why!
1. I got to go on an exchange back to my old area for a day! It was so great, we got to see Alberto, and Patty, and lots of other friends. And we got to play tennis in the morning. I literally almost went to go put my stuff away in my old closet, and then I was like- whoops! I don't live here anymore. Ha.
2. We found 6 new investigators! One of them is the guy I wrote about last week- who invited himself to be baptized!? Yeah, so we taught him twice this past week and he is like a sponge, just absorbing everything. He came to church for the first time on Sunday, and he even said the last prayer in gospel principles. He looks at me kind of panicked and was like "how do you start again?" He said a really nice prayer, and almost did it all right, just forgot to end in the name of Jesus Christ, but he's workin on it! Ha- so he's going back to Mexico pretty soon, but I'll have him forward me a pic of his baptism down there and the missionaries down there are about to get a really sweet referral! Ha.
3. On Thursday, we set baptismal dates with 4 people! It was such a Spirit-filled day! My goodness! The parents of the family with 3 kids who were baptized a while ago accepted a baptismal date and we're supeeer excited for them!!
4. The other family that I wrote about- the one where the mom is a member and her girls aren't- well her daughters are amazing- especially the 10-year-old! Her mom told us that she literally counts down the days and the hours until we come over. Ha. She takes her reading assignments more seriously than any other investigator. Ha. Her prayers are more sincere, specific, and powerful than any others. And her ability to understand the message we teach is deeper than all the others. And she's 10! Man, kids are just so much more receptive to the Spirit. After we taught the Restoration, we asked her to pray to know if it was true. We went back and she told us that she had prayed, but she wasn't sure if she had gotten an answer. (So cute, right!?) So we taught her about the Book of Mormon, and her aunt shared a powerful testimony. I looked at our little friend and said "How did you feel when your aunt was talking?" She said and I quote "The Spirit just hit me like a wall. It makes me feel faithful." She is so incredible!!!!
I've learned the importance this week of bearing testimony powerfully, and then letting it be silent so the Spirit can really teach. And then as you ask others who they are feeling, they learn to recognize just exactly how the Spirit works with them. I heard something cool that "The Light of Christ leads people to receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost." The Spirit testifies of all truth- He is the real teacher and converter of souls! So cool! I can see that happening all the time as a missionary and I love it!
-Hermana Webb

Last exchange for this transfer! With
Hermana Spackman! Back in Lynwood!

Reunited with Herman Fifita!!
Of course there was food involved!

Sporting our BYU gear in support of the winning team!
Of course we always hear about it at church!
It is soooo beautiful here!!

Monday, September 7, 2015


September 7, 2015


This week was sooo busy! Busiest of my whole mission! We went on an exchange on Saturday, went to mission leader council, and a bunch of appointments that kept us running the whole week long! It was crazy. We are working with 2 new part-member families. 

One of them has 7 kids! 3 of them were baptized a few years ago, but the parents were not! So we're super excited to be teaching them. 

The other one is the niece of a member who just moved here with her three little girls. The mom was less-active for a long time, and now she's coming back strong!! We're having a family night with them tonight, and the three girls are so excited! :D They've been waiting all week and have already been to church twice. They are so sweet. 

AND! The biggest miracle! We got a call from a member in our branch and he told us that the English Elders had been teaching a family that has a man that just got here from Mexico. So the member went over to translate, and he ended up teaching the whole Restoration to him and the guy invited himself to be baptized and set his own date!! Craziest thing! So now, we're going to start teaching him starting Tuesday, and he's going to progress nicely! Can't wait! It's a huge testimony builder of the importance of members in finding. Go members go! You are the key! 

So yeah, we just keep sprinting to the end! Using every day to it's fullest, and I'm loving it! 

-Hermana Webb

Pic: Our exchange on Saturday! Back to Lynnwood <3