Monday, July 6, 2015

The Party is Back

July 6, 2015

This week was great!
Two of my favorite people ever got back!! Carolina and Lyli! Yay!!!
Lyli has been in Guatemala with her daughter for the last two months and I have missed her so much! We went over the night she got home and she gave us some Guatemalan candy and was soo happy to see us! Now we can get back on track with getting this wonderful family to the temple to be sealed forever and ever!! 

Carolina got back from a trip and was soo happy to be back. She came to church this Sunday and when they announced her baptism this Saturday to the branch, she just about started crying!! She is friends with basically everyone in the branch, haha, we don't even need to introduce her to anyone. We walk away for a sec and look back to see her talking to a new person, exchanging numbers, hugging everyone. She is the MOST prepared person I've ever taught!! She's had so many incredibly experiences studying the gospel and praying to know the truth. She told us that she had talking to her family and some friends about her baptism, and she had invited them to church and to come to her baptism. She told us that they all made fun of her and don't support her, but that it didn't sway her even a bit. Her testimony is already rock-solid!! She told us she wants us to come to her friend's wedding that she's helping to plan, and share a message so that all her friends have a good impression of the Mormons and want to come to church with her! Haha- best missionary ever! AND- oh my gosh, yesterday was fast Sundayand we had taught her about tithing and fasting already, so when she saw us paying fast offering, she asked if she could too!
And then after church, she had us over for dinner, and mad us these amazing Mexican hotdogs wrapped in bacon and smothered in guacamole, tomato, onion, and all good things. SO YUMMY! And then she pulls out this big cake with 2-0 candles on top and they start singing happy birthday!! Haha, she felt soo bad that she forgot. Me and Hermana Clark always laugh so hard because she literally thinks our names are Webb and Clark, even though the nametags clearly say "Hermana Webb" and "Hermana Clark". Hahaha, it's so funny that we don't even correct her. So when they were singing, it was "Happy Birthday dear Webbbbbbb!, Happy birthday to you!" Ok, so yeah, you get it- I love Carolina! A lot!!!!
Alberto's still doing greattt! :D When we went over to visit him, we took a selfie cause he was still in his Panda uniform! Haha- see below for pic!
Hope y'all had a wonderful 4th of July!! At church, after testimony meeting, we all stood up and sang the Star-Spangled Banner in English. Haha. All the hispanics truly love this country! We looked up to see Lyli and Elvin holding hands and Lyli was crying as she sang! By the way, she's totally got a baby-bump going on now and it is SO cute! She's due in November! :)
Love you all!! Favorite scripture of the week!: "I [Jesus Christ] am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." The gospel truly makes our life abundant and so full of joy and blessings!!
-Hna Webb

Heart attacking Carolina's door for when she got home!

Look at these crepes we made! I still try to keep
up the Saturday tradition of the Webb home!
Yum, Yum!!

The big 20!!! On my mission!!

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