Monday, August 17, 2015

I Got Transferred to Mexico! (Well, Almost)

August 17, 2015

 Hey Everyone!

First and foremost, the BIGGEST congratulations to my beautiful sister and her new hubby! It's official- Mrs.Smith! I'm soooo happy for you two! 💑
Second, I've been transferred to Monroe (aka Mexico). Literally, everywhere you look here there are hispanics! It's blowing my mind. Haha. It's a small little city and so spread out compared to my last area. It's ok though, because literally you don't even have to go out and hunt down people to talk to- they come to you!!
Literally!! We were walking to an appointment yesterday and this guy stops his car and rolls down the window. He's like [translated into english for all you gueros ha]: "Hey!! I've been looking for you guys! Are you busy? Can I talk to you!?" Uhhhhh....YEAH! So he starts talking to us and says that he's been investigating the church for years, that he just got back from Salt Lake City and got to see the temple. That he knows all about Joseph Smith, and his wife Emma, and the Doctrine and Covenants, and how Joseph got the Pearl of Great Price. Wait, whaaaat?! I looked at him and said "Just to clarify, you have not been baptized?" Haha- and nope! He hasn't but he shall be soon!! I can't wait to start teaching him, although from he sounds of it, he will be teaching us. Ha. I'll keep you updated on what happens this week! WHITE AND READY, foks, white and ready.
Also, there was a baptism in this area 2 weeks before I got here. He is sooo awesome. Like Carolina-status awesome! So we're working a lot with him and he actually got the Aaronic Priesthood on Sunday! He was so happy. We're also teaching two of his friends and he is such a great member-missionary! Wow! He basically has lessons with them on his own and makes them read the Book of Mormon and tries to bring them to church with him. Ha. If only we were all like that!
So yeah- this area is great. Tiny little slice of heaven. (Literally- there were about 25 members at the branch on Sunday). The members are super good about helping us teach. And I love how new and different everything is! Change is good! (:
I know that families are forever!!! The power to seal us together with the people will love the very most is an incredible blessing. Keep the eternal perspective.
-Con amor, 
Hermana Webb
Pic: Check out the bride and groom!

My last day with Hermana Clark! Of course we were twinnin!

Hermana Bagley!

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