Monday, October 19, 2015

Even When It's Not Easy...

October 19, 2015

Buenos dias! 

So this week, Monday started off well! We had the branch president come with us to visit a less-active lady. Her husband is not a member, and neither are her kids, so we are trying to start working with all of them. It was funny because when we got there, her husband offered us something to drink and we all said "no, thanks." (thinking it would be water.) Then he says "I have jamica (no, not jamaica) juice!" And all three of us say "Ohh! Ok, yeah, we'll take some of that." Haha so yummy!
Then we drove to Neida and Daise's house. We watched the Restoration video with them and they loved it! Hermana Amparo was crying of course. Haha- I love that woman! The Spirit is always so strong- no matter how many times you have watched it!
On Tuesday, Sister Packard came to Monroe with me. We practiced saying a prayer in Spanish during language study. So when we went to the Milian's for dinner, I volunteered her to say the last prayer. She scooches over right next to me and I basically had to whisper the whole thing to her again. Haha. I felt like I was training again! She is just starting her mission, but is already a power house! I love her.
We also got to teach Maria again with her 2 daughters. We had a member come with us who turned out to be a perfect friend for her. We shared the Book of Mormon and we told her how it was a tool to receive personal revelation for her life. We asked what sources of guidance she has had up to this point in her life and she looked at us and said "Honestly, I had nothing. Before you two showed up, I had no guidance." We shared the promise in Moroni 10 and she told us that she knows it is true. She seems happier and happier every time we meet with her! 

On Wednesday, we had zone meeting and our zone leaders had us all write down our biggest sin and then fold it up, put our names on it, and tack it up on the board where they had written our missionary purpose. They explained how disobedience can cover up our efforts as disciples of Jesus Christ. It was intense. And then they flipped it over to show us that on the back was a picture of Jesus Christ. You could see all the holes from the pushpins and it was a powerful lesson on the effect of sin in our lives and the power of the Atonement.
Speaking of which, if you get the chance, look up a video called: 
"The Role of the Atonement in Missionary Work" or something like that
It's Elder Holland and this is what he says: 
"Anyone who does any kind of missionary work will have occasion to ask, Why is this so hard? Why can’t our success be more rapid? Why aren’t there more people joining the Church? Why isn’t the only risk in missionary work that of pneumonia from being soaking wet all day and all night in the baptismal font?
I have thought about this a great deal. I offer this as my personal feeling. I am convinced that missionary work is not easy because salvation is not a cheap experience. Salvation never was easy. We are The Church of Jesus Christ, this is the truth, and He is our Great Eternal Head. How could we believe it would be easy for us when it was never, ever easy for Him? It seems to me that missionaries and mission leaders have to spend at least a few moments in Gethsemane. Missionaries and mission leaders have to take at least a step or two toward the summit of Calvary."
So if you feel frustrated or discouraged as I have this week, just remember that this wasn't meant to be easy. That we can rejoice in knowing that all that we suffer is for Him.
I love my Savior, Jesus Christ. May we always show our love for him.

-Hermana Webb

Dinner with Hermano Araujo!

He always takes selfies of himself reading the el Libro de Mormon. Haha.

My professional french toast breakfast for my companion

People gave us so many apples this week. I'm in heaven.

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