Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Well, This Week Has Been Pretty Sick-Literally!

August 13, 2014

Well, this week has been pretty sick- as in literally everyone at the CCM got sick this week! It started on Friday night after we had some pretty sketch, under cooked ravioli for dinner. We were in class, and one companionship stands up and swiftly heads to the door. Then another Elder starts complaining that his stomach hurts and he runs to the bathroom. Two more go five minutes later, and the song starts going through my head "and another ones goes, and another one bites the dust." ha. Poor things. Literally people were dropping like flies. I got it pretty bad the next night too. We'll just leave it to Nacho Libre to summarize the whole experience: "Do you not realize I have had diarrheas since Easters?" haha. Oh boy. The next night they had pizza and ice cream for dinner to restore our confidence in humanity and the food in México. It worked. 

But after that little fiasco was over and we all recovered, it turned out to be a great week. We finished teaching Roke, our first investigator, last Tuesday and our last lesson with him was awesome. Me and Hermana Frei didn't use any notes. Soló español, totally going off the Spirit, for 30 minutes. I know that the Lord helps me so much when I teach and testify of Him. 

So after we finished with Roke, we got a new teacher for night classes. His name is Hermano Polo, but at first I thought his name tag said Pollo, which means chicken. Haha. But no, only one l. He had us all introduce ourselves in español of course and he kept saying "Wow, you are so Mormon" when we told him how many people we had in our families. Ha. Then our Elder who is 6'10" says he's from Idaho and Hermano Polo says "Oh you eat lots of potatoes, sí?" Haha. It is so funny to hear the people hear try to speak English. 

And we do get to exercise every day for an hour which is so fun. We usually play soccer with a group of Hermanas. We were playing on Monday and it just started downpouring which it does at least once a day here. Haha. We just kept playing through the hail and it was so fun! 

Also, we watched a devotional Elder Bednar gave at the Provo MTC and it was so inspiring. He talked about the characteristics of Christ and how He always turned outward, never inward. He thought of others always before Himself and never took thought for His own needs. What an important thing to be-selfless. I am so inspired as I serve my mission to become more like Christ- to put others before myself. 

So for some funny moments from the week- 
First, our district leader and his companion had a slight misunderstanding of what the word primavera means. They were teaching and told Roke that "El Evangelio es la primavera." They thought they were saying The gospel is the best. However, primavera means spring. Haha. They laughed so hard when they found out. They were like- hey it's symbolic- the gospel brings new life. Laughed soo hard. 

Also, we had a very important district meeting in which we named everyone's spirit animal. They declared me the momma bear. I have to say, it's pretty spot on. Haha. Hermana Frei is the eagle, Elder Olsen is the stallion. It was good times.

Well, now I must go and face an uncertain death. The 6'10" elder in my district- who is a state champ at tennis- challenged me to a tennis match. I might not make it outta there alive. Haha. 

Thanks for all your support. I miss you all dearly but I am so happy to have made the decision to serve a mission and share the message that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored. That through Jesus Christ, we can become clean and return to live with our Heavenly Father again. 

Love, Hermana Webb

Me and Hermana Lewis. So fun to see my old roomie here!

Wow! We love the CCM!
Me and Hermana Eddy. Man do I love her!

Enjoying some ice cream on our p-day
Our lives in a picture-we study the el Libro de Mormon

Our rockin district leaders. Elder Valentine and Elder Olsen

Our district door
B for bautismo!! Haha. Best view of Mexico City

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