Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Adios Mexico! Holaaaa Everett!

September 3, 2014

 I leave for Washington in less than a week! Whaaat???!! So unreal that I´ve already been here 5 weeks. Times flies and this week has been one of the best. I don´t know if I´ll ever  feel ready in the Spanish department, but my testimony has grown so much and I´m so ready to start sharing it with everyone that will listen.

My favorite day this week was Sunday. Our branch president asked me and Hermana Frei to teach the lesson to our whole zone before church started. So 60 missionaries and our branch presidency. For an hour. But thank goodness, we got to teach in English! Although we did bear our testimonies in the end in Spanish which was awesome. We taught about the talk that Elder Bednar gave called "Learning by Faith." I learned so much preparing to teach. You all should read it- it´s amazing. Basically there is a cycle of faith. Assurance-Action-Evidence. Just like in Joshua 3 when the Israelites have to walk into the water before the water parts and they can cross over, we have to walk a few steps in the dark before we are illuminated. I love this analogy. So we made a little handout in the shape of a foot that said "Get your Feet Wet." Such a cool opportunity. Then our district sang "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing" in Spanish. My favorite song EVER. And then Hermana Eddy gets called to give a talk. The topic was the Restoration, and she´s up there and starts to read a scripture that she had picked out about the Restoration. Well, we still aren´t pros at Spanish, and halfway through the verse she says "Yeah, that´s the wrong scripture." And starts to read the right one. Anyways, we looked up the scripture she read first- Alma 16:11- read it if you want to laugh REALLY HARD. Oh my goodness so funny. Poor thing had no idea what she was reading. 

And then that night, we walk into the cafeteria and they had burgers and fries! So exciting. That burger filled a hole in my heart I didn´t even realize was there. Haha. This Elder goes "It smells like America!!!" Tender mercies. 

We also celebrated our one month mark on Saturday. We celebrated with the brownies that you sent mom and some sparkling apple cider that one of the Elders got in a package. So fun. We´re all so excited to get to our areas and start teaching though! 

This week was also rough as far as physical limitations go for the district. First, Hermana Eddy got hurt in soccer and was in a wheelchair for a few days, then crutches. She´s all good now though! And then a day later, Elder Olsen gets slammed in the knee during basketball and gets put in a wheelchair. Hence the picture of him and his wheelchair being carried down the stairs. He really hates that wheelchair life so hopefully he heals quick! Me and Hermana Frei still played ping-pong with him in his wheelchair. I kept leaning over to get all the shots so he wouldn´t hurt himself. He says "Hermana Webb, stop stealing all my glory!" Hahaha. He really does have a great attitiude about it though. 

So yeah, this week was fantastically full of the Spirit. My heart just feels so full all the time here. I love all the people I have gotten to know here and all the opportunities to learn and teach. I feel the Lord blessing me so much as I do His work. Hastening forth the message of the Gospel in these last days. What a great opportunity. Eso es marvallioso!  

Love, Hermana Webb

Romans 8:18

I love my Hermanas!

Sweetest mural ever! Mexico!

All the varieties of yogs para bebs. es vida.

Nacho Libreeeee

Celebrating that Mexico independence
Our handout for our lesson. Elder Valentine's
sarcastic rendition on the left. Haha.

That wheelchair life = struggle

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