Monday, September 29, 2014

Vale La Pena

September 29, 2014

That's my favorite phrase learned in Spanish so far: Vale La Pena. It means "It's worth it." Also, primero Dios. Which means God first. Hispanics say that ALL the time. They just throw it in conversations and text messages and I love it. Haha. Because even though being a missionary is hard and life is hard, it's worth it. Every trial and struggle we face is worth it because of the hope of eternal life. 

This week we found 5 new, amazing people to teach which was so exciting. As a mission, we've been praying really hard to have the Spirit poured down upon this people so that their hearts and minds are ready to receive our message. The verb in Spanish is "derramar," which I like better than English because it kind of means to dump- to dump a big dose of the Spirit in this area. So what an answer to our prayers- finding 5 people who are ready! They are amazing. 

Also, the guy who got baptized last week, Omar, got ordained to the Aaronic priesthood this week during church. He wore a brand new white shirt and tie, and helped pass the sacrament. Such a beautiful moment to see him progressing in his conversion. 

We are still working with that family with the two little girls. We are hoping to have the daughter's baptism really soon so we took them to the church and showed them the baptismal font. We brought Omar with us and he shared how he felt so happy and so at peace during his baptism. Then we said a prayer with them, and little 2-year-old Madison right at the end of the prayer says "Ameeen." So cute. We all died a little inside. Her mom was so proud of her. Haha. It's the little moments.

Ooooh! Also, Hermana Weymouth is planning on study massage therapy and already has a lot of training, so this week I pulled a muscle in my shoulder and got LITERALLY the most intense massage ever. Bonus! My trainer is the best. Haha. 

After the General Women's conference, I am SO excited for general conference. What a great opportunity to increase our testimonies and receive answers to our questions through a living prophet. Everyone:watch conference and invite your friends! Perfect opportunity for missionary work! :D There's my plug for the week. Haha. 

Love you all! 
Have a wonderful, wonderful week and remember: Vale La Pena. 

-Hermana Webb

Me and my little friends at women's conference!

Omar in his new white shirt and tie! Happy Day!

Hermana Esperanza, which translates to "hope" in English.
She is the hope in our little branch.

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