Monday, October 20, 2014

Que Honda!!

October 20, 2014

Hellooooooooooooooooooo everyone!!!! :D:D:D How is everybody!? 

My week was great! Pretty exhausting as usual, but wonderful as usual :) My Sabbath day was beautiful! It was the Primary program and it was so cute! We also had a big meeting the last hour of church about something that is called JustServe.org and it is incredible! It's this new website that the Church has created that helps you find service projects near you. You just sign up and type in a place and it sends you back notifications of all the service projects that are near you. It was such an inspiring meeting! I am so excited because they are getting the missionaries involved in it as well and thinking about it just gets me so excited and I feel the spirit so strong! I love service! :D 

Also, we had three people come to church this week! One of them's name is Javier and he brought his little 8 year-old niece with him :) she is so cute! Cool story about them though: We got a referral like 2 weeks ago that was for Javier and it said that he had come up to missionaries in a store and had been trying to ask them where the church was and that he wanted to take the lessons. So we were pretty excited about going to meet him, but then Elder Gressier left and he took his GPS with him that he had lent us. We tried so hard to find him and we just couldn't find him! It was so frustrating! Finally though last Saturday, a member came with us that has a GPS and we found him! And turns out that he had been going to church with his brother in Spokane and he had loved it! Then he moved here with his sister and apparently he has been reading the Book of Mormon to them and has been trying to teach them about the gospel! CRAZY! So we got him the address to the church and him and his sister and her whole family wanted to come to church the next day! Unfortunately, the sister and her other two kids weren't able to come because the little boy had a soccer game :/ but Javier came and he brought his little niece! He is incredible! 

Another really cool thing that happened on Sunday was that we went to visit a new family that we found just last week who are incredible as well! And we had the plan to finish teaching them the Restoration; the part about Joseph Smith's first vision and the restoration of the Priesthood and praying to know if it's true. This part is always super intense for me because this is usually the part where the people decide whether or not the believe and want to keep learning. So needless to say we were praying really hard. We taught and the Spirit was strong and and they just kept nodding their heads and making positive comments. It just made sense to them. At the end, we have been leaving them "tarea" homework haha, and the homework was to pray specifically together as a couple to know whether or not the Church was restored and Joseph Smith was a true prophet. They said they would do it and let us know how it went :) I'm so excited to find out about their experience on Wednesday

So yeah, the work is progressing, my spanish is progressing (I can now understand about 85% of the conversations we have with people- yay! :) And I am happy as ever! Thank you all for your support and love! Have a wonderful week! 

-Hermana Webb

PS I am starting to like real hispanic food! Slowly. Haha. And my tolerance for spicy stuff is increasingly rapidly! :D

Avelino's for lunch! 

YAY for Fall! And Hermana Weymouth!
I love sunsets on the lake! Prettiest area ever!
Celebrating Fall with beautiful trees & caramel apples!

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