Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I Love Being A Missionary

December 9, 2014

So this week was very...different! My new companion, Hermana Gonzalez, is from southern California, but originally from Mexico. Yes, a native speaker! Yay!! She's 23 and is very mature and serious. She graduated from UCLA recently and is a convert to the church. Her whole family lived in Mexico and were Catholic. One day, the missionaries showed up at their door and her grandma, aunts, mom, and her were all baptized. After a few years, they went inactive. But about 2 years ago, the missionaries found Hermana Gonzalez and her little brother and started teaching them again. Both are now active. She has a pretty incredible story. Her desire to serve is strong! I'm learning a lot from her. 

This week we started something so fun! There's a webiste called justserve.orgthat was produced by the church to find local service opportunities. And as missionaries, we LOVE service! :D So we signed up and started helping at a senior living center. Twice a week, we do an exercise class with a big group of senior citizens. It is SO fun. I love it. So I get up there and lead the group in exercise moves. They use their little 1-pound weights and just go to town! Haha. They love it and always hug us and thank us for coming. So I've adopted about 12 more grandma and grandpas this week :)

We are still working with the Ramirez-Lopez family and their three kids. They are doing so great. The are all reading the Book of Mormon, and are always watching Mormon Messages and on the Gospel Library app :) They also told us about awesome experiences with praying. Emiliano was running late and thought he had missed the bus. He said a prayer and a minute later, the bus pulled up. And every time July gets off the bus, there's a big dog that runs after her and she gets really scared. So she prayed and the two days she prayed, the dog never came out. These kids are full of faith! Their little testimonies are growing and growing. We have set another date for them to get baptized for the 20th of December. They are praying hard that their dad will allow them to be baptized this day. And I know that Heavenly Father is listening to His precious sons and daughters. Not a prayer goes unheard or unanswered in the Lord's time. 

The church is true! 

-Hermana Webb

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