Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas as a Missionary!!

December 29, 2014


Highlight of the week: 45 minutes of Skyping my beautiful family of course!!!! The best gift of Christmas ever as a missionary!! I had headphones in while I was Skyping and when I finished, I looked over at Hermana Gonzalez, and was like "Was I talking really loud?" She said "Oh my gosh Hermana, I'm pretty sure the next door neighbors could hear you! I've never heard you be so loud and excited!" Hahaha. Let's just say there was a lot of laughing, squealing, and tears involved in those 45 minutes. I'm sure every other missionary/families with missionaries out know exactly what I'm talking about.

It was a great week to be a missionary! We got to share Christmas joy with so many people, and like we all know, the best way to spread Christmas cheer is by singing loud for all to hear! It was a tradition in my family to make treats and go caroling and drop off the treats to all of our friends on Christmas Eve. I remember doing that year after year, so of course I made my companion join in on the tradition this year! We went to the senior citizen center and sang Christmas songs with them during our exercise class, we made cookies and dropped them off and sang to our investigator and member families. It was so fun and I got to carry on the tradition with a new twist! (:

Another couple of highlights of the week include when we were tracting and knocked on this Hispanic guy's door (you could tell because there were like 20 cars outside haha) and he opens the door and we start talking to him and asking him about his beliefs. Like 2 minutes into the conversation, he's like Hey are you guys married? Nooo...He said You know I have 2 brothers and they are both young and live around here. This guy literally spent like 10 minutes trying to convince us to marry his brother. Hahaha. We were dying!! He's like hey I could set up a dinner so you guys could meet. I mean after your mission, you'll need to find someone, right?

Also, on Saturday night, we had an hour left and decided to go tracting around our apartment and just walk. So we start out and it starts pouring rain! Not that it's anything unusual in Washington, but man, it was cold!! I was so wet! I felt like I had just taken a shower. We walked up to this apartment where there was more light and Hermana Gonzalez looks at me and says "Wow. You look terrible!" Hahahaha. Yeah Hispanics can be kind of blunt. But it was a good experience. Makes ya tough (; And veryyyy grateful for the car you have!

Update on the people we are teaching- we found a new person who lives just down the street from us. His name is Adalberto (took me about a week to learn how to say his name correctly haha). He is an angel!! He asked if he could meet us at the church building for our lesson..umm YES! And then he asked for a copy of the Book of Mormon and is so genuinely interested in changing his life around and receiving the blessings of the restored gospel. So he is working towards baptism right now and is just awesome!

So family- since you told me to write longer letters during the Skype call, here ya go!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

May we all take some time to think about the changes we went to see in ourselves this year and work towards a deeper conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ!

-Hermana Webb

Christmas morning with our neighbor/grandma Judy

Opening Christmas packages
Matching jackets from Avelino!! Haha!!

Christmas with the Sotos!!

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