Tuesday, January 20, 2015


January 20, 2014

So the big surprise! I am now serving in Lynwood (aka Lynhood because it's a little sketch here). I'm in the Chennault Beach Branch and serving with Hermana Miller! Yay! I absolutely love the new area! Another surprise is that we are on bike! Well, half of the time. The other half, we are driving the swagger wagon (aka the van).

  We have had some crazy adventures here already together and I absolutely love all of our investigators! They're all my best friends. The coolest thing ever is- remember the Lopez family that I was teaching forever in Marysville? With the 3 kids who are my absolute favorite in the world? Well Lorraina's sister lives in this area and now I'm teaching her and her 3 kids!!!! Haha I almost died of happiness when I realized that.

 The new comp- Hermana Miller is from Utah and is 14 months into her mission! Lots of experience. We have a ton of fun together and are also just best of friends. We were out tracting this week, and we starting talking to this guy on the street and he says "If you are going to go that way, you better put your chastity belts on." Me and Hermana Miller both just look at each other like, who the heck is this guy?? Haha we died laughing. So yeah, I guess Lynwood has some "rough areas" but we are always very cautious with our ridiculous reflective safety vests on! Haha.

  So thank you for all your prayers for me this week! They WORKED! Heavenly Father helped me to feel very calm amidst all the change. There is so much peace to be had in the Gospel!

 -Hermana Webb

PS If you've never had Mexican hot chocolate with pan dulce, go to Walmart and buy some now. SO GOOD. Mexicans know whats up

Saying goodbye to my beloved Lake Stevens!! I'll be back soon!!

Gonna miss my Hermana Gonzalez

My WORST enemy. Haha.
Mexican hot chocolate and concha is LIFE. So good.

Next surprise: We're on BIKE!! With obnoxious vests and helmets!!
No worries-we also have the Swagger Wagon.
We drive this beauty half the time and bike the other half.
We have a gym to exercise every morning.

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