Monday, February 23, 2015

We Found The Cubans!!!

February 23, 2015

Hola mis amigos!!!

Como estan? This week was wonderful!!

So this week we scored because we found the biggest group of Cubans! Remember the lady that let us in and fed us wonderful Cuban food last week? Well we went back and found this huge group of Cubans hanging out and got to know all of her friends! They invited us to join their volleyball team! Haha they are SUPER nice people. So we started teaching one of her friends, Yuliet, and she is so awesome. During the second lesson, we taught her about the Book of Mormon. When I pulled out a copy to show her, she says "Hey I already have one of those!" Ummm...what?! So I guess she met some missionaries a few years ago. But she was really busy with her little baby, so they didn't teach her much. But she has kept that Book of Mormon in her box of important things for all these years. She's never read it, but pulled it out and there were already some bookmarks in there with questions she was supposed to find answers to. It was so cool how the Lord had prepared this lady to let missionaries in to teach her at a time in her life when she's ready to learn. She had kept that book even though she had no idea it's importance. Gives me hope that even though some people aren't ready to hear right now, leaving behind simply a copy of the Book of Mormon could lead them to open their doors in the future!

We also have another new person we're teaching named Victor. So we went over to visit a less-active member of the church. And instead of finding him, we found his wife's sister's boyfriend. He tells us that Cesar's busy, but that instead, we could teach him about our church. Andale!! He just totally poured out his whole soul to us about being lost in his life and all the regrets about his past and his desire to change his life around. We testified that it is NEVER too late to change and that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, he can be freed from this huge load that he's carrying. The Spirit was strong in that lesson. At the end, we told him that he could start this path back to God by saying a prayer. He told us that he didn't feel worthy and that it had been over 20 year since he had offered a prayer. We kneeled down and Victor offered the most beautiful, sincere prayer I've ever heard. I almost cried, watching this man talk to a Heavenly Father who hasn't heard from His son in 20 years. It was a beautiful moment.

Funny story: so every week we go over to Hermana Terry's for dinner. She's from Peru and cooks wonderfullyyyy! So we were over there on Tuesday and she made us some weird type of fish. So we start eating it and Hermana Miller says "Wow, this is a really interesting type of fish. It kinds of tastes like sweet potatoes or something." Hermana Terry just looks at her and says "Hermana, those ARE the yams." Hahaha we just died laughing!!!!

Soo lots of happy moments this week!! The work is hastening.

Shout out to my big sis Ally! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BESTEST FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!

Con amor,
Hermana Webb
Little Sebastian!! Chowing down his ice cream cone before
he wiped it all over my face...but it's ok, now we're friends!

Teaching all the YW to lead music! Haha! So fun. I promise
they're not all slapping each other.

Three packing with Hermana Bagley for  a day until transfers.

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