Monday, March 2, 2015

Well, I Didn't Get Transferred!

March 2, 2015

Well, I didn't get transferred! Nor did Hermana Miller! Yay! But we did move apartments. From one end of our area to the other. Yeah you never realize how much you've got stuff you've got until you have to pack it into a van with 2 bikes, and 2 other missionaries stuff. That van was CHUCK FULL. Ha. But we made it work. But we get to our new apartment to discover that (1) there are two bathrooms! I have my own bathroom! (2) there's a sweet fitness center that we get all to ourselves at 6:30 am (3) we have a magic trash can that we put outside every night and it magically disappears by the next day! Haha. So yeah, we feel pretty blessed. (It's the small things...)

  As for our area, we have some awesome people that we are teaching right now. Two are from Cuba and I just love them so much!! We help them with their English homework sometimes and it's so cute to hear them trying to learn English. Haha they both have little 2-year old sons and we are best of friends. One of them looks EXACTLY like Tyler as a baby! At first, he was super shy and always hid behind his mom, but now we go over there and he's trying to climb all over us and always going through all my stuff and slobering all over my watch..haha. Anyways, these little families need the gospel so much. We read The Family: A Proclamation to the World with Yuliet, and we explained to her about the temple and eternal families. I almost started to cry imagining her and her husband and her 2 little boys, all in white, being sealed inside a temple of the Lord for time and all eternity.

  In other exciting news, we got a branch mission leader!! Yayyy!! We were so excited on Sunday when they called him. He is not Hispanic, and he doesn't speak much Spanish....sooooo....we're not really sure how that's gonna work. Ha. His wife served her mission in Spain and still can speak pretty good Spanish, but we'll see about the husband! Fingers crossed!

Hermana Webb
big hug little hug

PS I just found this on the home page of lds.org and it is my favorite painting ever. Remember that we will never be left comfortless. In His moments of deepest despair, an angel was sent to comfort our Savior Jesus Christ. He suffered all of our pain, sickness, and sorrow so that do not have to if we allow Him to lift our burdens.

The Agony in the Garden

Loving our Valentines package from the coolest Mom ever!!

My dad's mission copy of this
book I get to use on my mission
Sweet gym in our building

Celebrating the cumpleanos de Hermana Guevera!
Quite possibly my favorite hispanic bumper
sticker- "Christ loves you, but He loves
me more!" Haha
And there's just this random train chillin
in the middle of our apartments. Haha

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