Monday, March 9, 2015


March 9, 2015

Well hello!

This week was so SUNNY!! YAY! Spring is here and I am loving this weather! Wow, everywhere you look there are cherry blossoms and flowers and so many pine trees! And behind it all, the mountains. Ahh. I love Washington! It's a miracle- we've had no rain this week and lots of warm sun. So that naturally cheers everyone up and more people are outside- we saw this dad and his two young sons playing hockey in rollerblades in the parking lot as we were stopped at a stoplight. It was so cute!! Because the boys were just little squirts and the dad was really makin em play. We saw him racing his son for the puck and then he just shoves his son down and sends the puck soaring into the net. Hahaha so funny. I love seeing families outside playing together!

We're also gonna have a baptism soon!! Yay! So here's the story- this guy's name is Eltori. He's been going to church basically every Sunday for a year and is STILL not baptized! He has a strong testimony and is such a good person! He's like 50 and he goes around shouting in Spanish "ORALE!!" Hahaha he cracks us up! But recently he got surgery and took care of some medical problems that were an issue for him before baptism. But now he is recovered and finally has the desire to make this sacred covenant with God. We were reading in Mosiah 18 with him where it describes the promises we make at baptism. We asked if he was willing to "cry with those that cry and comfort those that stand in need of comfort." We asked him what he would do if we were really sad. He says well I would just pat your head and say "no llores, no llores!" Haha he's got that part down! Please pray for Eltori this week that all will work out for his baptism!

Also, right after we finished teaching Eltori and said a prayer with him, I look up to see....the LOPEZ FAMILY! As in, my favorite family in the whole world that I was teaching for months in Marysville. The 3 kids that are the joy of my life!! So they live 40minutes away and just happened to be visiting their aunt and just happened to be talking a walk by Eltori's trailer when we just happened to be outside on his porch!! Ok..so this did not just happen!! It was a tender mercy of the Lord to allow me to see this beautiful family and cheer me up on a really hard day!

I love the Gospel! I love my Savior Jesus Christ! And I love every one of my brothers and sisters here in Washington! "When you loose yourself in the service of others, you truly find yourself." Keep praying and looking for friends and strangers! to share the gospel with! Do NOT allow Satan to bind your tongue and keep fear from allowing you to experience the most joyous feeling in the world- that of sharing the Gospel!

I'm a Mormon! I know it, I live it, I LOVE IT!

-Hermana Webb

Mmmmmmm!! Cafe Rio!!

Cupcake sandwiches with the district!

YAY for Mexican food with Cenobio!!! He's a recent
convert and incredible!

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