Monday, March 23, 2015

Secret Service! TRY IT!!

March 23, 2015


This week was wonderful! We had the coolest lesson with Nadia! We were teaching her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the steps to take in our lives to return to our Heavenly Father. We talked about faith, repentance, baptism, the Holy Ghost, and at the end we explained to her about the temple and eternal families. And during this particular lesson, I felt the Spirit so strongly. Like yeah, you strive to have the Spirit present with all of the people you teach. But while I was talking to Nadia, I really felt that the words I was saying were not coming from me, but from the Spirit. One thing that is something all missionaries have to learn is how to teach by the Spirit. It is easy to worry and always be thinking about what you will say next, but we learn to instead focus on what the people are saying, and trusting the promise in the scriptures that "it shall be given you in the very hour, yea, in the very moment, what ye shall say." So at the end of this amazing lesson, I asked "Nadia, will you be baptized and prepare to enter the temple?" (but in Spanish of course!) and she said Yes! I felt so much joy and know that she will soon be ready for this step. Please keep my dear Cuban friend in your prayers this week! :)

So there's this man named Jorge. He's a member and from Jalisco, Mexico. And he loves missionaries! He is soooo funny. Last week he was talking to us at church and he asks if he can take a picture with us. Then yesterday he was talking to us after Gospel Principles class and showing me all the pictures of missionaries he has known. Then, while I'm distracted, he reaches over and gives me the biggest hug!! I was SO shocked! He just starts laughing and laughing. He KNOWS that he's not allowed to hug the Hermanas, so he was just doing it to make me mad. Hahaha. The Elders were watching and just looked at me and shook their heads. Haha, oh Jorge. He is crazy, but we love him! 

Also, this week we decided to do some secret service. So what you do is you go to someone's house, secretly do some service in their yard, or whatever they need help with, and then leave! It's great! :) Haha. We were thinking about Paola, and even though we can't teach her anymore, we realized we could still serve her and her lawn is in pretty bad shape. So we rode our bikes over and just sat down and weeded all of her yard. And I might add, in the midst of all this, I feel something land on my lap and look up to see a nasty worm on my skirt!!! Hermana Miller thought it would be pretty funny to send the little guy she had found my way. I didn't think it was very funny...haha, ok yeah it was pretty funny. Anyways, we finished up her lawn and put all the weeds into Hermana Miller's bike basket. So we ride away, so happy and content, probably looking like a few weirdos riding around with a basket full of dirt :) Yay. Haha. So you should try it!! Especially if you're having a hard day, look for someone in your neighborhood or just a complete stranger and do some secret service! It can really turn your day around!

-Hna Webb

Decorating our little robin eggs. Yay for almost being Easter!

Hooray for sunshine!

So what do we do?
We knock anyway (:

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