Monday, June 1, 2015

Agency Though!

June 1, 2015

Hola! Que tal!

This week was fabulosa!! We have been so busy and I've never seen this area so hopeful!!

Our miracle investigator this week is name Karolina. She actually lives just up the road from us, and was a referral from another missionary. We started teaching her and from the very first lesson, just has this fire in her eyes of excitement! She prayed at the end and thanked Heavenly Father for sending two angels. The next lesson we taught her about the Book of Mormon and she promised us she would read it all! And as I'm sitting there trying to testify of this sacred book, Hermana Clark's sitting there with Karolina's 7 year old daughter who has a strange habit of collecting bugs. She kept handing Hna Clark huge caterpillars and a large array of creepy crawlers to her delight. Haha. And at the end of the lesson, she asks "what's my homework, what do I have to do?" I ask her if she wants to come to church with us, and her face just lights up and she says "ME ENCANTARIA!" (I'd LOVE to!) I will never forget that moment! And the coolest part was when we found out that she already knows Hermana Terry, the strongest member in our area and had already been invited by her to come to church. So she came on Sunday and absolutely loved it! She's had some bad experiences with other Christian churches in the past, and couldn't stop telling us how much she loved church! And as we're walking her out, her little daughter runs up to Hna Clark with 3 new caterpillar friends! Haha, how she finds these things just baffles me! And on the way home, she starts asked us things like "Let's just say I want to keep learning about the Mormon church, would I be baptized again? And "Would I have to baptized after I come to church a certain number of times?" I explained to her about the word "invite" and how it will always be completely up to her. And when we explained about asking God to know if these things are true, she was just amazed that we wanted her to find out for herself! I love the eternal principle of agency and seeing the joy in Karolina as she learns about it!

Also, Alberto came to church!!! He is doing so awesome. We showed him the baptismal font on Saturday and he told us he could feel how sacred it was. And when they announced his baptism at church yesterday, I looked over at him and he was just glowing! We have been teaching him pretty much ever since I got here in January, so I've been able to see the whole process of conversion. He's so much happier now and he is able to feel and recognize the Spirit consistently in his life! He's looking for a lot of peace in his life, and I know that he will find exactly that this Saturday! Please please please pray for him this week to overcome anything the adversary throw his way!

The pic is of Aura's sweetest ever little grandkids. We made nametags for them so they could be missionaries and we had them practice teaching us. Haha. SO Cute! They even tried door approaches. Going to be the best missionaries!! We've got to invest in the future generations! :)

I know that this Gospel is true and I know that it's totally up to each and every one of us if we're going to accept it! I'm learning to treasure this valuable gift of agency and how much our Heavenly Father loves to see us make good decisions and how much He hurts when we abuse this gift.

My FAV scripture of the week:
"Now they were desirous that salvation should be declared to every creature, for they could not bear that any human soul should perishyea, even the verythoughts that any soul should endure endless torment did cause them to quake and tremble." (Mosiah 28:3)

-Hna Webb

Kinari left to Mexico! :(

I'm bringing home a baby watermelon!
Won't my mommy be so proud of me!

Filling out Alberto's baptismal record!


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