Monday, April 13, 2015

Fifita-mi Bebita!!!

April 13, 2015

So this week may have been my favorite on my mission so far!!

On Tuesday, we went to the mission office and all the trainers waited for the new missionaries to get in from their various flight times. Of course, the group of Hermanas were the last to get in from Mexico City. I was sooo happy to see em all file in, and knowing that one of them would be mine! :D President Bonham had to interview all the new missionaries before he made the training assignments, so we just sat around, getting to know each other a little bit, and having some dinner because those poor sisters hadn't eaten anything all day! So finally, at 9 PM, President comes out  and had all the trainers sit on one side, and the new Hermanas on the other, and as President made the assignments, the trainer and trainee moved to the middle together. So cute, right!? And finally, President announces...drum roll please, "Hermana Fifita, you are assigned to labor in the Lynnwood area with Hermana Webb!" I just about plowed her down with a hug.

Hermana Fifita is 19 as well, from Colorado but her dad is from Tonga and her mom from Somoa. So she knows Somoan, Tongan, and English, and is now learning Spanish!! Haha, yep 4 languages under this girl's belt. Pretty impressive. And she has 13 brothers and sisters!!! Haha and I thought 5 was a lot.  I just love her so much! We have so much fun together, especially learning Spanish!!! Everyday during language study, we just laugh soooo much as she tries to pronounce things the right way. And then, when we're at a lesson with someone, or at church, and I hear her use subjunctive or future tense, my heart just swells with pride! Haha, motherly pride. So funny! But it's so true, I just love watching her learn and I am so happy when I get to see her put all we're learning in action! She's such a hard worker, and we just fall into bed at the end of the day sooo exhausted!

Our second day together, we were all over Bothell and so we decided to take the bikes...bad idea. Haha. Up and down and up and down these huge hills. The next 2 days we looked like little old grandmas, hobbling around in pain. Haha..we just fall into bed at the end of each day totally exhausted, but totally happy!

And it's also soo great to see her learn to love the people here as much as I do!! We walk away from every lesson, and she always says "Wow! They are so awesome! They are my favorite family!" Until she meets the next one. Haha. So much love for these people!! On Friday, we did a little bit of tracting for the first time together (door-to-door knocking to find new people to teach). After a few doors, I told Hermana Fifita it was her turn and so she knocks, and this guy answers the door and she starts speaking to him like 90 miles an hour and then when she gives him a card, and he closes the door, she was so freaked out. Haha. It was soooo funny, I love to see her try things for the first time and get all worried even though she's doing such a great job!! :D

Well, that was my week! It has been wonderful, and even though I was SO nervous to have to train a new missionary, and teach her perfectly, I have learned to completely rely on the Lord for help and guidance. I know that He does not expect us to do anything in this world alone. What a blessing!!


Picking up all of the new Hermanas, fresh into the field!!
And spending some time with our amazing mission presidents wife!

Hermana Fifita-mi Bebita!!

Our #graciasaqueElvive activity!

Little photographer Paxton

Millions, and millions, and millions of tulips!!

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