Monday, April 27, 2015

9 Months Say Whaaaaaat?!

April 27, 2015

Thursday marks 9 months, folks!!!! 9 months, out of 18. That's like half! Yikes time goes by far far too fast!

This week was grrreeaaat! :) (Imagine the Frosted Flake's commercial) Isaac came to church again yesterday with Lyli and Elvin and is doing so good! He's getting baptized on May 9th and we are so excited!! Turns out Elvin has never received the priesthood, even though he's been a member for 3 years. So we're working on that, and hoping that he will have it in time to be able to baptize Isaac!! :) Isaac is 20, really shy, but super humble and ready to learn. He's already like 100 pages into the Book of Mormon, and is so excited to take this next step! Keep him in your prayers this week!!

Speaking of Elvin and Lyli, they are doing great! They haven't missed a week of church since we've been working with them. They have been practicing their hymns too! Haha. Last time we went over, Lyli chose the hymn and she actually sang it really well and followed all the notes (Elvin on the other hand...well we still got a ways to go! hahaha) But after we sang, we read The Family: A Proclamation to the World. It was the first time they had ever read it. By the way, if you have never read it, I suggest searching for it and google and reading through it! Incredible! But anyways, we all would read one paragraph each and every paragraph, they had the sweetest comment!! When we read about the premortal life, Lyli says "I love thinking that my baby lived with Heavenly Father." (She's pregnant and due in December!) Such a precious moment to sit in their little apartment and talk about their responsibilities as mother and father.

In other good news, the zone leaders texted us last night to tell me that Omar, remember Omar? My first baptism back in Marysville? Well he kind of disappeared off the face of the Earth for the past 7 months. He was in Mexico for a while, then moved back in with his girlfriend, wasn't coming to church. Well yesterday, I found out that he has been at church for the last 2 weeks!! :) And that he's trying to find a new place to move to get his life back in order with God! I was soooo incredibly happy when I got that text! Omar has such a strong testimony, and so I'm glad he has humbled himself and is coming back! I've been praying for him for months, so this was a big answer to my prayers! Also, I heard that Avelino is doing well! It's so exciting to keep up on their progress even when I'm not serving in the area anymore.

One of my favorite quotes so far on my mission is from President Ezra Taft Benson when he said, “When obedience ceases to be an irritant and becomes our quest, in that moment God will endow us with power.” I really have felt God's power much stronger recently as I've learned to love the principle of obedience! Remember to put down your umbrellas of doubt, fear, and disobedience so you can receive all the wonderful blessings that God is pouring down upon you!!
I KNOW that He loves us and I KNOW that this is His church!!

-Hermana Webb

Sometimes we get to this point at lunch time..hahah!

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