Monday, April 6, 2015


April 6, 2015

So we're getting ready to get for bed on Friday night when we hear the phone ring and our Zone Leader's name pop up. I answer it and Elder Gressier tells me:
"I need you need to do something. Be at the mission office at 3 tomorrow, cause you're going to be training! Va a dar a luz!!!!"

I am SOOOO excited, and SOOOO nervous. So for those of you who don't know, we have transfers every 6 weeks and some missionaries are finishing their missions and some new ones are coming in. The new missionaries get assigned a trainer, or a mission "mom". So "dar a luz" literally means give to light, but it's the equivalent of you're having a baby in English. Crazy, huh? So anyway, I'm getting my "Baby" tomorrow! A brand new Hermana, fresh off her 6-week training in Mexico! I don't even know her name yet, but I already love her so much and am praying for her! My first 12 weeks training in the field were absolutely magical, and I'm praying I can make it the same for her!

In other news, we had 3 people come to General Conference. It was awesome!! Isabel came, and she loved it!! She was taking notes the whole time and it was so cute! She wants to get baptized so bad! And then...MIRACLE! So our STL's have a neighbor who is from Mexico, but we've never met him. Until...Saturday. We were over at their apartment, and Mario walks out and I start talking to him, and introduce ourselves as the missionaries. He tells us he's always wondered where our church was! So I invite him to General Conference (because I was with Sister Connors, who speaks no Spanish! haha) and he says he'll come! So we were sitting there on Easter Sunday, and Mario and his cousin Pablo walk in! They really liked conference and we're excited to teach them more!

Let's see, what else happened this week??? Oh! We donated blood! That was fun. I didn't even pass out! And we had dinner with the Eames (friends from Illinois!)
And of course, General Conference!!! So GOOD! I really got some answers to the questions I've had and felt the Spirit strongly, testifying of a living-day prophet.
And Easter was such a wonderful holiday as a missionary! To testify of the Resurrection and the infinite hope we have in Jesus Christ! We went over to our Branch President's house on Easter afternoon to have a wonderful dinner! And it wasn't Hispanic food, so it really tasted like home! Ham, potatoes, lemon cake, the whole shabang. 

This week has seriously been so full of miracles!!! Former invesitgators calling us, telling us that they want us to come back and teach them more! We went to an apartment complex for a lesson, but they weren't home so we walk back to the car to find a Hispanic couple, beckoning us to come into their apartment. Turns out they are members who were recently baptized in Guatemala! They are an incredible couple, and we are working with them now to get them to the temple and be sealed as a family! They came to both sessions on Sunday, and are always begging us to come over so they can feed us! I LOVE this family! So yeah, after a few really slow weeks, I feel like Heavenly Father is just showering blessings down on this area now, preparing me and my trainee for an incredible 12 weeks together! Please pray for her and us this week!!!  

-Hermana Webb

Easter morning!!

Easter dinner at the Waites!
Easter egg hunt!


Haha! Laughed so hard when we saw this!
My FAVORITE Sister Training Leader ever!!

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