Monday, April 20, 2015

Miracles Never Cease!!

April 20, 2015

So I thought last week was my favorite...until this week happened!!

This week was full of miracles! We have some truly incredible investigators right now. And the members in our area are stronger than ever!

So Wednesday was the miracle day. We were teaching this guy named Alberto, and he was keeping all his commitments- reading in the Book of Mormon and the pamphlets, praying, all the right things and his testimony was growing. The only problem was that he couldn't come to church because of his 2 jobs. (Which both happen to be in like my 2 favorite restaurants- Olive Garden and Pandra Express! YUM!) So we stopped going to see him for a while. But this week I felt like I should call him and set up a time to go by one more time. And the first thing he says, I QUIT MY JOB!!!!!!!! Whaaaat!? Ask Hna Fifita, I literally stood there dumbfounded for like 5 minutes, so incredibly happy. I said Alberto, you can come to church! You can be baptized!! He just looks at us smiling and nods his head. I have never seen such great faith to put so much trust in the Lord to provide for him and his family in Mexico. But He trusts His Heavenly Father more than worldly things and I know he will be greatly blessed!

The next miracle of the day was with Kinari. She has been meeting with the missionaries for about a year now. Last week, we challenged her to talk to her dad (who is a less-active member of the church) about her desire to be baptized before she goes back to Mexico in a few months. So we go back on Wednesday and she tells us that she talked to her dad, and he told her he would do all he could to support her and bring her to church. Then she set her own goal to be baptized on May 10th! She wants this so bad and she told us that her dad explained about his baptism and how he felt so clean and happy- and how that has motivated her to search for that same feeling.

And oh my gosh- have I even told y'all about Lyli and Elvin yet!? They are the JOY of my life! So what happened is we were at an apartment complex one day, going to an appointment, and the people we were supposed to visit weren't home. As we were walking back to the car (heads hanging just a bit) we see this Hispanic couple and stop to talk to them. Without even introducing ourselves, they invite us into their apartment- Well, alright! So we go in and find out they are actually members that were baptized three years ago in Guatemala, and have never been able to find the Spanish branch here! So they hadn't been to church in like 6 months, and when they saw us and heard us speaking Spanish, they got sooo excited! :) So this week was their 4th week in the branch, and we are visiting with them every week, teaching and strengthing this couple. Lyli is pregnant (due in December) and they have a 10-year-old in Guatemala who they are trying to get to Washington. They are probably the nicest people I have ever met! They want to go to the temple so badly and be sealed as a family. And they always want to feed us! Oh my gosh. SO MUCH FOOD. Ha. We always tell Lyli "poquito" and she dishes us up enough food to feed my whole family. We went over on Wednesday and all shared our favorite scriptures. Then we asked them what their favorite hymns were. Lyli chose The Lord is my Light. It is SO funny listening to them sing. Oh my gosh I was dying- Elvin looks over at us at the end of the song and says "I could not keep up with you guys. I was way behind, then way ahead." Haha. And then the best part- we ask Elvin what his favorite is and he tells us the page number. We open up to it and it was "Away in a manger. hahahaha. A Christmas song! But we all sang it and Elvin was so happy. So yeah, they are going to the temple reallyyyy soon and actually brought one of our invesitagtors, Isaac, to church this week because he lives super close to them. They sat with him, and explained it all and were joking with him about the hymns cause he can't sing either. I was sooo thrilled that they were being little missionaries, and it made Isaac feel so much more comfortable. Basically, this family is my favorite ever.

As for training, things are great! I loooove being a trainer and me and my Hna fifita have a grand time together ever single day. It is an adventure, and I don't think I've ever laughed so much in my whole life than being around her and hearing her learn Spanish and such. She is so good at laughing at herself and not taking it too seriously when she messes up on something. She decided yesterday for language study to sticky note the whole house, labeling everything with its Spanish name! haha- pretty effective way to learn, I must say!
And yesterday, funniest thing. We were trying to visit this guy named Carlos, and when we get to the door, I turn to Hna Fifita and say "take it away. I'm not going to say a word" as she's knocking on the door. She looks at me in panic, and then the door swings open. She says hi and introduces ourselves, then turns to look at me... I just look back at her smiling. Hahaha. So she says a little bit more, then looks at me to say something... and I just smile some more. It was so great because she taught a lot of the restoration. I didn't leave the poor child hanging for the whole time, but it did give her the opportunity to take the lead! Haha it was so great. Later, she told me how much she was freaking out when she realized that I really did mean what I said about not saying anything! I think I will use this technique more often..(;

Favorite new scripture: D&C 123:13 "Therefore, that we should WASTE & WEAR OUT our lives in bringing [others] to the light!" I definitely feel soooo worn out at the end of every day as a missionary. But that is a good thing!! I want be worn down and dedicate my life to the service of the Lord and His children! It brings the most joy and eternal rewards!

-Hna Webb

Can't get enough pictures of the tulip festival!!! Amazing!!!

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