Monday, November 9, 2015

Psych! Didn't See That One Comin'...

November 9, 2015

Well this week was full of surprises!

On Tuesday, we were just going about our normal missionary day, teaching peoples and saving souls! And watching the clock tick to 3'o'clock when all the missionaries would be headed to Lynnwood for transfers.

Then our phone rang...and our whole world flipped upside down. Elder Holt told us "You need to get down here as fast as you can, Hermana Bagley is being transferred to Bellingham." I just laughed because I totally thought he was joking. He's always joking...he wasn't joking. Turns out he was serious and they had forgotten to put Hermana Bagley's name in the text they sent out on Monday letting us know who was leaving. So with no forewarning, we sped back to our apartment and packed up all of Hermana Bagley's stuff just as fast as we could. And when we got there, I found out that I'll be serving my last transfer with Hermana Gonzalez! Hooray! We served together a year ago and she is the best missionary!

And other exciting news is that we are still Sister Training Leaders! Whoo! We had Mission Leader Council on Thursday and that same day, we were invited to attend a special leadership meeting for all the stake presidents, bishops, branch mission leaders, etc. in the mission. An area 70 came to speak and it was such an inspiring meeting! Wow! Our branch president and mission leader were sitting right next to us, and we all left the meeting feeling super pumped about all callings! My favorite part of the meeting was when Elder Murray [the 70] got up to speak at the end. He was talking about an experience he had with President Erying and how he asked him about the special spirit he always had about him. President Erying responded, saying "There is a group much more powerful than the Quorum of the 12." Elder Murray said he was sitting there thinking: Is there a super quorum of the 12 that they keep hidden or something? Who is he talking about?" Haha.
Then he said- "Would all the full-time missionaries in the room please stand and face in towards the rest of us." There was a group of about 16 missionaries there, and as we stood, everyone felt the power. Elder Murray went on to explain that the force of full-time missionaries in the world is the most powerful, Spirit-filled calling. We have a mantle of power put upon us when we were set apart, and boy in that moment, could I feel it.

Another exciting change is that the members here are starting to pick up the pace on member missionary work!! I heard about a family mission plan from some English missionaries, so I translated it, presented it in branch council, and we have been passing it out to all the members. This week we have really seen it put to work! One of the members brought a single mom with 6 kids to a mission fireside yesterday. President Milian brought 3 families to a branch activity. (They are starting to play volleyball every Friday as a branch and it turns out Hispanics love volleyball! Ha, it is the best thing ever for investigators, less-actives, and members to invite friends to!)

Neida and Daise are doing great! They came to the branch family home evening, church, and then right after church drove up to the fireside! And we're having a family home evening with them tonight and I'm planning on teaching them how to play "don't eat pete"!! Best game ever, right family? In Spanish, it's "No comas, Tomas!" hahaha

Anyways, the work is going great! I'm learning so much every day! And I can't wait to see what these next 5 weeks have in store!

-Hermana Webb

Tis true! Hermanas Webb y Gonzalez round 2!!
The BEST Halloween package!!

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