Monday, November 2, 2015

The Rains Came Down and the Floods Came Up!

November 2, 2015

Well, this is it folks! Found out today that for my last transfer, I will be staying here in Monroe with Hermana Bagley!! Yay! I'm soooo happy that I get to finish my mission here! It is the best area! 😁

It has been raining a LOT. (Washington, no surprise, I know). But it got to the point where we were under flood watch and people were kayaking through some part of town! Ha. I'll try to send some pictures of the chaos next week. 

This week was awesome. We thought that we were going to have to drop a lot of our investigators and be knocking doors all week looking for new people to teach. But it turns out, everyone started progressing right when we were about to drop them!! Haha. Funny how that works. We're convinced that the Lord was just testing us to make sure we were willing to drop people.

Remember the recent convert, Hugo? Well, he's basically the best missionary ever and we are teaching 3 of his friends. Two of them came to church, including Javier!! He was fasting all day on Sunday to know when he should get baptized. He told us that he got an answer, but he is waiting until tonight to tell us exactly what that answer is! Ahhh the suspense is killing me! But, he was smiling when he said it so I think it's a go! 👍 I'll keep you posted! Javier even wore a white shirt and tie yesterday! And after church, we had this awesome lesson with Hugo, Javier, and two of their other friends. Javier was teaching them and sharing his testimony like he is already a member! Got to love when members fulfill their responsibilities to find! So we're just starting to teach his other 2 friends, but with Hugo's help, I'm sure they will progress quickly! Can't wait to teach more lessons with all of them. They are all planning on coming to the branch Family Home Evening tonight at the church, and to play volleyball with the branch on Friday, so they're definitely being fellowshipped well and will be a strong addition to the branch! :)
One of my favorite experiences this week was when we were knocking a few doors and stopped to pray to know who needed us. We felt impressed to cross the street and knock on a specific door. A little girl opened and said her mom was sick and couldn't come to the door. We asked if there was anything we could do to help, and she went and asked her mom, then came back and to us no. So as we were walking away, we hear someone calling us and turn around to see the little girl's mom telling us to come back. She said that was indeed in need of help. So we rolled up our sleeves and got to work, washing her dishes, vacuuming, folding her clothes. And we learned as we talked to her that she had already been taught quite a few times by missionaries in the past. She asked us to read in the Book of Mormon with her, so we did and tried to ask her some questions that would really help her apply the verses to her life. So she did, and by the time we finished, she was in tears and thanked us over and over again. She told us she had been praying for someone to come and help her because she was feeling so overwhelmed. As President Monson says, "the sweetest feeling in the world is to know that you have been an answer to someone else's prayer..(that is not an exact quote btw...ha). But it is true! We were so grateful that the Lord lead us to His daughter in need so we could help her in a way that the Elders wouldn't have been able to. She asked us if we could come back, and we told her we would send the Elders over. Well, we talked to the Elders yesterday and they said they they had tried so many times to get in contact with her. And that after our visit, they are now starting to teach her again! Miracle! Wow, that was a long story. Hope you made it through it, ha.
And do you remember that family with 7 kids, 3 of who were already baptized? Well, their progress has been slow. Real slow. But, we had a super cool lesson with them on Friday about how to receive answers to our prayers. Afterwards, Blanca loaded everyone into the car and they followed us to the branch Halloween party! (Where, I might add, we had chili and cornbread just like my mom's and it was the best thing ever!) We gave them a church tour and they all felt the Spirit strongly in the chapel. So finally, a step in the right direction. I love this family so much and Blanca always tells us we are part of the family. It's something really amazing when all the 7 kids gather around you in a circle and rely on you to teach them the Gospel. What a great privilege it is to be a missionary!
Ok, this letter has gone on long enough! Suffice it to say, the Lord is hastening His work! Don't miss out on being part of this miracle! I love you all!
-Hermana Webb
Pic: Painting Hermana Lopez's nails! She lost her vision a few months ago and hasn't been able to do it since then! She was so excited :)

Our last district pic before everyone gets split up at transfers tomorrow:(

It's Hermana Bagley's bday today. I kept up with the sign tradition!!

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